Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless Air Conditioning in Greensboro and Surrounding Areas with a Mini-Split Solution from Gentry Air

With ductless mini-split systems, you can cool or heat just one room. A ductless mini-split system is perfect for those applications when you have a new addition, historic property, or even want to convert your attic or garage into actual living space. Furthermore, a mini-split system can be used to heat or cool an entire home by creating zones.

A Perfect Way to Customize Your Heating or Cooling

Using a ductless mini-split system is a perfect way to cool or heat one or two rooms. As mentioned above, Gentry Air can set up zones in your home or place of business to have whole home cooling and heating. However, most applications that call for a mini split system are usual an area that has been converted into living space, or perhaps it’s an addition. Whatever your need is for a mini split system, Gentry Air can help.

You also get the benefits of:

Hassel Free Installation with Local Experts You Trust

Since 1982, Gentry Air has been servicing Greensboro and the surrounding areas. Our team of professionals can install a mini-split system for your home or business. Typical installation can take around one day. Given that there is no ductwork involved, that work process is eliminated, which speeds up installation.

There may be some electrical work required. While many homes can handle the amp requirements, a dedicated circuit is needed. The handling unit is installed using brackets that attach to studs. Gentry Air also prepares an installation line to fit the conduit of power cords and drainpipes. This hole is fairly small and should not affect the aesthetics of your home’s facade. The outdoor air handling unit is then installed with the condenser unit. From there, the refrigerant is unlocked and ready for use.

Your Gentry Air HVAC professional will then test your system and cycle it a few times for both heating and cooling. From there, he/she will train you on the use of your new mini-split. Our team will clean up the installation site and leave you with a clean, comfortable, and quiet room(s) to enjoy.

Thinking about Installing a Mini-Split System for Home or Business?​

If you’re thinking about installing a mini-split system for your home or business, give Gentry Air a call. We have HVAC professionals who can talk about the pros and cons and come and inspect your property to ensure that a mini-split will work for you.