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Call Gentry Air for all your HVAC needs
The Benefits of a Maintenance Contract
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Important Facts Regarding Equipment Maintenance:
    • Most manufacturer warranties require systems to be serviced annually.

    • Heating and cooling make up ┬Ż of the energy cost in an average home.

    • Heating and cooling systems can increase your energy cost without a noticeable reduction in comfort capability.

    • A 10% undercharge in refrigerant can lead/cause a 20% increase in operating cost.

    • 80% of all compressor failures can be avoided with proper maintenance.

    • A dirty or restricted condenser coil, evaporator coil and blower wheel can increase system operating cost by 45%.

    • If you have a leak in your system it can increase operating cost. Leaks can also lead to major repairs such as a compressor failure.

    • Proper maintenance can catch many minor repairs before they become major, and may prolong the life of your system.
Proper maintenance each season will improve safety; keeps your system running at peak efficiency, therefore saving money on your energy costs.

Benefits of a Service Maintenance Agreement:

• Meet manufacturer warranty requirements.   • Discounts on parts
• Lower your operating costs.   • Improve safety.
• Possibly extending the life of your equipment.   • Operate with fewer repairs
• Systems operate at peak efficiency.   • Receive priority service on repairs
• Stay informed on products and services.    

Gentry Air, Inc. believes that by servicing your heating and air conditioning systems each season you can maintain the highest efficiency possible, reducing your operating costs and possibly extending the life of your equipment.

If you are interested in a Preferred Customer Service Agreement, please contact our service department for more details @ (336) 621-1070 ext 1.

Service Agreement Task List:

• Clean and adjust burner assembly   • Check air flow
• Clean ignition assembly   • Tighten electrical connections
• Clean heat exchanger or elements   • Measure volts/amps
• Monitor flue draft   • Lubricate all moving parts
• Monitor refrigerant pressure   • Check thermostat operation
• Test starting capabilities   • Clean evaporator coil
• Test safety controls   • Clean condenser coil
• Clean or replace disposable air filters   • Clean condensate drains
• Clean and adjust blower components   • Measure temperature difference
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